Bespoke Research

With extensive experience in the difficult area of financial services marketing, the Marketing Pulse team can provide insightful and strategic advice, as well as help develop customised research projects to maximise the impact of your marketing initiatives.

Our aim is to help our clients develop a competitive advantage, using our state of the art research tools to identify opportunities, create effective strategic plans, and monitor and evaluate their marketing campaigns. We aim to put some science behind the art of marketing, delivering strategic insights via our regular, accessible and competitively-priced reporting or through tailor-made commissioned research projects.

We understand how financial planners think and we know the challenges facing marketing professionals in the financial services industry. It is because of this understanding, along with our industry knowledge, experience and ability to think outside of the box, that we are able to give our clients real solutions and a competitive edge.

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Bespoke strategic advice on:
  • Developing and testing press advertising that works
  • Selecting the most effective media to target IFAs
  • Helping you articulate and differentiate your brand