Advertising Effectiveness – 3 Monthly

Many factors influence the decision making process of financial planners to allocate funds to one investment manager over another. Advertising is only one part of this large equation. The challenge to marketing managers has been how to assess the direct impact of their advertising campaigns on financial planners.


The Marketing Pulse Advertising Effectiveness report has been specifically designed to isolate the impact of advertising campaigns on IFAs using split sample analysis, i.e. has the advertising campaign been able to shift IFAs levels of knowledge and opinion of your company, and is there a link between advertising and demand for your products and services.


This allows our clients to assess if their advertising is working, to identify what needs to be improved, and to fine-tune their advertising to maximise their future campaigns.

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This report shows:
  • Is your advertising working?
  • Is your advertising changing perceptions?
  • Is there a link between advertising and demand for your products/services?
  • Can you improve your advertising ‘reach’?

The Marketing Pulse Advertising Effectiveness reports use split-sample analysis to isolate the influence of your advertising campaign on IFAs in following areas:

  • Levels of knowledge of your company
  • Perceptions of your company
  • Products and service demand

These reports also provide other revealing insights into IFAs’ perceptions as well as useful data on readership patterns.