Media Optimiser Program

The three drivers for success of a particular advertisement or advertising campaign are:
1. The total media spend invested in the advertisement/campaign
    (Share of Voice).
2. The mix of media where the advertisement has been placed.
3. The effectiveness of the advertising creative.

Usually campaigns start with budget. From this, a mix of media is chosen, and from the media schedule, you should be able to estimate the Reach and Frequency for the advertisement/campaign. i.e. Given the number of ads in each of the chosen publications, what % of IFAs will have the opportunity to see your advertisement and, how many times will they potentially see it?

This data is very common in consumer media planning, and should be available for IFA publications. The Marketing Pulse Media Optimiser program enables you to determine and maximise the reach and frequency of your advertising campaign, based on your media budget.


This allows you to monitor and measure their advertising campaigns, and to make swift changes when issues have been identified.

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The data you receive:
  • What mix of publications will give you the best Reach? (The % of IFAs that will be exposed to your advertising)
  • What mix of publications will give you the best Frequency? (How many times will those IFAs be exposed to your ads)
  • How can you reduce the cost of your campaign yet maintain the same Reach and Frequency?

This information can be used to adjust the different elements of your advertising campaign to maximise efficiency.