Advertising Tracking – Monthly

Investment managers spend large amounts of money advertising to financial planners in trade publications, with no independent source of feedback on how their advertising is performing. Also traditionally, due to cost limitations, research has only been done once every 6 or 12 months, giving a delayed snapshot of how a campaign is performing.


The Marketing Pulse Monthly Advertising Tracking report has been specifically designed to provide marketing managers in the financial services industry regular measurements on how their advertising campaigns are performing in all key areas, namely: advertising awareness, correct attribution and ad readership. These results are put in context of industry competitors. The report also includes key perceptions measurements and in-depth readership data.


This allows our clients to monitor and measure their advertising campaigns, and to make swift changes when issues have been identified.

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This report shows:
  • Has your advertising being seen?
  • Does your advertising have cut-through?
  • What are IFAs’ perceptions of your company?
  • Which publications should you place advertising in?


The Marketing Pulse monthly report tracks the following key measurements:


Advertising —


1. Advertising awareness
2. Advertising attribution
3. Advertising readership


IFAs’ perceptions of your company —


1. Company familiarity
2. Company perceptions
3. Potential demand


Detailed trade magazine readership and IFA media habits —


1. Trade publication readership
2. Trade website visits
3. Trade online readership