Brand Health – Yearly

It is difficult to articulate the importance of a company’s brand, and to assess the direct impact brand has on the decision making process of IFAs to allocate funds to one company over another.

The Marketing Pulse Brand Health report has been specifically designed to help marketing managers in the financial services industry assess key measurements of their brand namely:

  • Brand Imprint: Have you been noticed?
  • Brand Function: Do IFAs know what you do?
  • Brand Associations: Have IFAs formed an opinion about you?
  • Brand Equity: Will IFAs choose you over your competitors?

This helps you benchmark your current brand positioning, and provides you with insights into areas that need brand development.

This yearly customised report allows our clients to clarify, focus and articulate their brand strategy, and gives insights into how their advertising (as well as other marketing activities) need to be focused.

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This report:
  • Helps you articulate your brand strategy.
  • Identifies brand strengths and weaknesses.
  • Benchmarks your brand position.
  • Provides data to facilitate creation of brand targets.
  • Encourages consistent messaging across the business.

This information can be used to develop effective brand strategies and to monitor your progress towards to ‘ideal’ brand.