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Advertising Tracking– Monthly

The Marketing Pulse Advertising Reports track the following key measurements for press advertising to IFAs:
  • Advertising Awareness
  • Advertising Attribution
  • Advertising Readership
Key measurements about IFAs’ perceptions of your company including:
  • Company Familiarity
  • Company Perceptions
  • Potential Demand
An in-depth trade publication readership and IFA media habits:
  • Trade publication readership
  • Trade website visits
  • Trade online readership
Much of this information is provided with industry comparatives, allowing you to effectively assess the success of your advertising.
This report aims to answer the following questions:
  • Has your advertising being seen?
  • Does your advertising have cut-through?
  • What are IFA’ perceptions of your company?
  • Which publications should you place advertising in?

Advertising Effectiveness – 3 Monthly

The Marketing Pulse Advertising Effectiveness reports use split-sample analysis to isolate the influence of your advertising campaign on IFAs in following areas:
  • Levels of knowledge of your company
  • Perceptions of your company
  • Products and service demand
These reports also provide other revealing insights into IFAs’ perceptions as well as useful data on readership patterns.
This report aims to answer the following questions:
  • Is your advertising working?
  • Is your advertising changing perceptions?
  • Is there a link between advertising and demand for your products/services?
  • Can you improve your advertising ‘reach’?

Brand Health – Yearly

The Marketing Pulse Brand Health report is a yearly report that is customised for your particular brand position.
This report aims to: 
  • Help you articulate your brand strategy
  • Identify brand strengths and weaknesses
  • Benchmark your brand position
  • Provide data to facilitate creation of brand targets
  • Encourage consistent messaging across the business

This information can be used to develop effective brand strategies and to monitor your progress towards to ‘ideal’ brand.



Media Optimiser Program – Quarterly

The Marketing Pulse Media Optimiser program enables you to determine and maximise the reach and frequency of your advertising campaign, based on your media budget.
This program provides you with data on: 
  • What mix of publications will give you the best Reach? (The % of IFA’s that will be exposed to your advertising)
  • What mix of publications will give you the best Frequency? (How often will those IFA’s be exposed to your ads)
  • How can you reduce the cost of your campaign yet maintain the same Reach and Frequency?

This information can be used to adjust the different elements of your advertising campaign to maximise efficiency.



Competitor Media Spend – Quarterly (Australia Only)

The Marketing Pulse Competitor Media Spend Reports detail the advertising spend of companies targeting financial planners. Using this data, you can see competitor media strategies and Share of Voice (SOV) across the full range of trade print and e-publications. The data is available in excel format to allow manipulation for your own strategies and is broken down per company and per publication.
This report aims to answer the questions:
  • How much do we need to spend to get ‘heard’ with financial advisers?
  • Who are the ‘big spenders’ and where are they spending their advertising dollars?
  • Where can we advertise to avoid competitor activity?
  • What is a realistic budget with adviser advertising?


Strategic Advice & Commissioned Research

With extensive experience in the difficult area of financial services marketing, the Marketing Pulse team can provide insightful and strategic advice, as well help you develop customised research projects to:
  • Develop and test press advertising that works
  • Select the most effective media to target IFAs
  • Help you articulate and differentiate your brand


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